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Well done Thenue!

Last updated: 3.58pm, Thursday 25th September 2014 by

Speedy repairs, top marks for customer service and surpassing the Government’s benchmark for good housing.

THENUE Housing is delivering a top performance as a housing association as shown in a new report just released.

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published details of the performance of housing providers across Scotland.

And the report for Thenue - which has 2573 homes across Glasgow with a large proportion in the east end - makes impressive reading.

The housing regulator’s report is based on data which all housing providers must submit on a range of issues from repairs to how each one is delivering on the so-called “Scottish Social Housing Charter”.

This is a benchmark which allows the Regulator to see how each association is delivering on what is expected of it by the Scottish Government in terms of housing and includes the standards of tenants’ homes and whether they are getting value for money.

Publishing its “Landlord Report” on Thenue the Scottish Housing Regulator reported that:

86.9% of Thenue Homes met the Scottish Housing Quality Standard compared to a Scottish average of 85.4%

The average time the Association took to complete emergency repairs on behalf of tenants was 1.4 hours compared to the Scottish average of 6.9 hours

Non emergency repairs were conducted in 4.8 days – again quicker than the average of 8.2 days.

Thenue kept 97.1% of appointments with tenants on repairs – again above the average of 92.9%

Tenants who had repairs or maintenance carried out and were satisfied with the service they received totally 96.8% - much higher than the average for housing providers of 87.6%.

When it came to re-letting homes after previous tenants moved out it took just 20.7 days instead of the average of 35.7.

The Association is highly focused on tenant satisfaction and the Regulator reported high levels of approval from tenants on this issue.

90.6% were satisfied with the overall service – above the average of 87.8%

92.4% felt Thenue was good at keeping them informed compared to the average of 88.9%

85.7% were satisfied with opportunities to participate in Thenue’s decision-making process when the average was just 78.4% - a ringing endorsement of the organisation’s strong commitment to tenant participation.

Commenting on the figures, Chief Executive Charlie Turner said: “The Regulator’s report confirms that Thenue is working hard to meet the high expectations of our customers on a range of issues.

“The very high level of customer satisfaction, the fact that our repairs times are very fast and the number of our homes which meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard being higher than average are all very welcome indicators of our performance. We strive at all times to deliver value for money for all our tenants. Easier said than done and none of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of our staff and all of us know we must continue to deliver for the people and the communities we serve.”

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